Automotive ghosts: these discontinued cars are mysteriously sold as new

Cars that have been out of production for years, including classics like the Dodge Viper and Alfa Romeo 4C, are still available for purchase straight from the factory

Yoel Schwartz|
We believed the era of certain luxury cars had ended, with production ceasing due to various reasons, mainly a significant lack of profitability.
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When Dodge stopped selling its formidable Viper, when Alfa Romeo discontinued the stunning 4C, when Fiat halted the production of the splendid 124 Spider, and when no one seemed to want a new Jeep Patriot straight from the factory.
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Dodge Viper
Dodge Viper
Dodge Viper
But we were wrong. Automotive giant Stellantis' delivery report in the U.S. reveals that cars whose production stopped years ago are still being sold as new.
The production of the Dodge Viper, for instance, began in 1991 and was halted in 2009 after two generations. It was revived in 2012 with a third generation, which ultimately ceased production in August 2017.
However, enthusiasts still find it hard to give up on this unique legend, seemingly willing to do anything to be next to its 8.4-liter atmospheric V10 engine with 645 horsepower and 83 kgm of torque.
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Alfa Romeo 4C
Alfa Romeo 4C
Alfa Romeo 4C
Over the years, several new models of this American icon were sold, mysteriously hidden away. In 2023, two were sold, one in 2022, four in 2021, and another four in 2020. Where are these hidden gems waiting for a buyer? Stellantis has the answers.
The Viper is not alone. Alfa Romeo sold one beautiful 4C last year, despite it being out of production for three years. Fiat found no less than 28 customers for the 124 Spider, which has also been retired for three years.
If you think the secret inventory only includes exotic sports cars parked in some massive warehouse, think again. The automotive conglomerate has also delivered one new Jeep Patriot and four Chrysler 200s, along with three Dodge Darts, all of which were discontinued in 2016.
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Jeep Patriot
Jeep Patriot
Jeep Patriot
Additionally, deliveries of the Dodge Journey continue to be a hit, with 36 delivered last year, adding to the 194 delivered in 2022, despite the model being last produced in 2020.
Eleven discontinued cars are still being sold as new:
  • Dodge Viper – production ceased in 2017
  • Alfa Romeo 4C – production ceased in 2020
  • Fiat 124 Spider – production ceased in 2020
  • Jeep Patriot – production ceased in 2016
  • Chrysler 200 – production ceased in 2016
  • Chrysler Town and Country – production ceased in 2016
  • Dodge Dart – production ceased in 2016
  • Dodge Journey – production ceased in 2020
  • Dodge Caravan – production ceased in 2020
  • Fiat 500 – production ceased in 2019
  • Fiat 500L – production ceased in 2020
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