Israeli bio-tech company signs agreement with Mexico

As part of the collaboration, Illumigyn will supply Mexico with unique gynecological imaging systems developed by the company, considered to be highly advanced

Bio-Tech enterprise Illumigyn, established by the Israeli entrepreneur, Ran Poliakin, has officially signed a cooperation agreement with the Mexican company SPI.
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  • As part of the collaboration, Illumigyn will supply at least 1,000 Gynescope devices, the unique gynecological imaging system developed by the company, which is considered a revolutionary technology in the FemTech world.
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    The collaboration is effective immediately and is anticipated to increase Illumigyn’s income by at least $98 Million throughout the next five years. The cooperation with SPI is an additional significant milestone for the Israeli FemTech company, which has already signed numerous contracts and deals with African countries last year.
    SPI Medical, S. A. de C. V. (former Spite Medical S.A. de C.V) was founded in 2005 as an advanced medical devices and special pharmaceutical products distribution company, which served the public and private sector in Mexico.
    SPI signed collaboration agreements on the distribution of medicines and medical imaging equipment with the largest companies in the medical field.
    The Illumigyn’s Gynescope system, which SPI will now distribute, is a novel technology portable imaging system that aims to create high-resolution digital images with superior magnification that can substantially improve diagnostic accuracy during gynecological examination.
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    The Gynescope revolutionizes the women’s health medical field by uploading images to the cloud for further analysis, allowing access to doctors across the globe in real time, simplifying the path for a second opinion without undergoing another invasive examination.
    The FDA, the CE, and the Ministry of Health approved Illumigyn's Gynescopesystem. The Gynescope's technology innovates the entire gynecological examination world and plays a significant role in the global fight against cervical cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death among African women and the fourth leading cause among all women worldwide.
    The new agreement is another Israeli foothold in the FemTech world, an industry that is mainly dedicated to developing innovative technologies to enhance women's health.
    The FemTech industry is continuously growing and has enormous potential both in promoting women's health worldwide and in the scope of end users. Illumigyn is proud to be the flag company of the Israeli FemTech industry.
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    רן פוליאקין
    רן פוליאקין
    Ran Poliakin
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    Illumigyn’s Founder, Ran Poliakin said, "I am proud that Illumigyn is now supplying groundbreaking technologies and solutions for the great cause of saving women's lives in Mexico. The new agreement with SPI continues Illumigyn's momentum worldwide to fulfill our group's vision - advanced use of medical imaging and AI technologies to save lives and improve humanity."
    Illmigyn’s CEO, Moshe Shtengel, said: "The agreement with SPI will allow us to support Mexico female population, enabling the nation to run high-volume cervical screening, PAP and colposcopy campaigns cross-country. This will be a major driver for providing an enhanced accessibility to early detection and preventative care for the benefit of the women in Mexico.”
    SPI’s CEO, Victor Zabaneh said that “Illumigyn is the light that illuminates the women’s future for preventative health with the ultimate vision that each woman in Mexico carries out comprehensive gynecology checks at least once a year to proactively manage her health."
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