Being a tech company in Israel during wartime

Israeli tech companies juggle innovation and safety amid wartime challenges, adapting to ensure employee well-being and continuous tech progress in uncertain conditions

Einat Leham-Livnat|
In the time of continued war, Israeli tech companies, known for their dynamic nature, face unprecedented challenges. These include delivering the best product while maintaining high morale, addressing the emergency needs of employees and their families, and building a long-term strategy amidst great uncertainty and danger.
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At Imperva, like many other companies in Israel, we had to navigate complex waters. We are focusing our strategy on the balancing act between crisis management and long-term planning, prioritizing employee well-being and business persistence.
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תיעוד: פעילות כוחות צה"ל בשכונת רימאל ברצועת עזה
תיעוד: פעילות כוחות צה"ל בשכונת רימאל ברצועת עזה
IDF forces in Gaza
(Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)

Business strategy during conflict

We've managed to keep the disruption to our operations at a manageable level during the war, not letting it become overwhelming. The key to our approach lies in striking a balance between immediate crisis response and long-term strategic planning. This dual focus is crucial in a landscape marred by uncertainty and danger.
For us, delivering top-notch products and services goes hand in hand with ensuring high morale and addressing the emergency needs of our team and their families. For example, as the war has been progressing, we’ve been adapting to operational challenges, such as some employees mobilized for reserve duty and some others willing to relocate or dealing with feelings of worry, existential anxiety, sadness and loss.
Supporting our employees through empathy and care and making all the necessary arrangements to provide the best conditions possible was our response. These unprecedented times call for a dynamic strategy that constantly addresses current challenges while striving for future growth and stability.

Leadership: shifting focus in wartime challenges

We face fresh challenges every day. At the beginning of the war, our main concern was making quick effective decisions that would provide immediate support to our employees and their families and enable continuous operations. Like many other organizations, we assessed every decision based on what we knew then but were uncertain about what could happen next.
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כלכליסט הייטק אילוסטרציה
כלכליסט הייטק אילוסטרציה
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Today, the challenge is continuing to manage our operations, realizing that the strategy must have a long-term approach in mind. We do that with a core team of local leadership. Leading in a brief emergency situation is far different from leading during an ongoing, continuous emergency.
The first month of the war was marked by a very high level of motivation to continue delivering in spite of the great tragedy that occurred. Now, we face the challenge of maintaining our output and motivation over the long term, against the backdrop of the ongoing war.

Prioritizing employee welfare: a central pillar of strategy

At the heart of our operations is our unwavering commitment to our employees' welfare. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: the well-being of our team is central to every critical decision. This commitment has led to a range of initiatives aimed at supporting our employees, both professionally and personally.
From facilitating work-from-home arrangements to providing mental health resources, our focus remains steadfast on creating a supportive and empathetic work environment.
For those employees who choose to come to the office, we offer a collaborative space where they can connect with each other when it is permissible and safe to do so. For some, the collaborative environment delivers balance and helps them focus on something other than the ongoing war. Providing employees with a sense of belonging and security has always been a priority, but it is more imperative now than ever before.
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תל אביב קו רקיע
תל אביב קו רקיע
Tel Aviv
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While many work from home, our employees feel connected to their colleagues like family and look for opportunities to be together and regain a sense of normal amid a time of fear and stress. Our flexible approach provides employees with a sense of stability and purpose.

Creating a supportive environment: beyond professional boundaries

Our approach extends beyond workplace boundaries. Whether it's through virtual activities for families, childcare support or care packages for those affected by the conflict, we strive to address the diverse needs of our employees.
Our efforts are a continuous learning process, informed by the feedback and needs of our team. By listening attentively and acting with intent, we've not only met their needs but also fostered greater employee engagement and satisfaction.

Engagement with external stakeholders: partners and customers

The war has not only affected internal operations but also how we interact with external stakeholders. Our partners and customers have been a pillar of support, expressing concern for our team's safety and well-being. In response, we've maintained transparent communication, assuring them of our commitment to delivering exceptional service. This mutual support has been instrumental in strengthening our business relationships during these turbulent times.

Maintaining a respectful workplace

Central to navigating these challenging times is our adherence to a strong code of conduct. This code ensures that despite the external turmoil, our workplace remains respectful and focused on collaborative business objectives. Any breach of conduct, especially in these sensitive times, is addressed promptly, reflecting our commitment to a harmonious work environment.
Einat Leham-Livnat Einat Leham-Livnat Photo: Courtesy of Imperva

Unity and resilience against adversity

The events of October 7 have been a catalyst for our Israeli employees, igniting a deep sense of duty and eagerness to assist in every way possible. This shared sense of being "called to reserve duty" has manifested both within the company, fostering mutual support, and beyond our walls through various volunteering efforts. We are immensely proud of how our team has united, akin to a close-knit family, offering unwavering support to one another and their nation.
This remarkable sense of community, far from being a mere cliché, is a tangible, heartfelt bond our employees share. It has been a constant reminder of the invaluable partnership among our employees, HR, and people managers. This synergy is a powerful force.
In these times, it’s important that we continue to support and look out for each other. Together, we are strong, and together, we will win. Am Yisrael Chai - Viva Israel!
  • Einat Leham-Livnat is VP of Human Resources at Imperva
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