Israeli communications company Voicenter hit by major cyber attack

CEO Golan Ashtan confirms that 'hackers from abroad' managed to carry out an attack on the company's systems by no sensitive information was leaked; communications giant's clients include Check Point, Mobileye, Gett and others
Tal Shahaf|
The Israeli communications company Voicenter said Monday it was hit by a major cyber-attack two days ago that paralyzed the communications systems of a number of firms that receive services from the company.
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  • On Sunday the company send out SMS messages to its clients saying that a day earlier "a cyber attack was conducted on our systems, carried out by a group of hackers from abroad, but as far as we know the incident did not entail any information leaks".
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    Фото: Gorodenkoff Shutterstock
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    Voicenter provides a call center services, which include call management, call recording and text messaging services among others.
    Among the companies that work with Voicenter are software giant Check Point, mobile network operator Partner, Mobileye, Expon, we4G, SimilarWeb, AllJobs and Gett.
    A hacker calling himself "Deus" posted on an Internet forum that he managed to steal 15 terabytes of data from the company, which he put up for sale.
    The hacker posted hundreds of examples of private information he allegedly managed to hack, including recordings of phone conversations and WhatsApp text messages between company employees and customers.
    Voicenter CEO Golan Ashtan also confirmed that hackers launched a cyber-attack on their systems, but claimed no sensitive information was leaked.
    Many of the company's clients - including we4G and Expon - reported customer service glitches following the hack.
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