LEGO to open first official store in Israel in late 2022

Danish toy maker says it hopes to offer previously unavailable products to all Israelis, cut the notoriously high prices of LEGO products carried by local Israeli retailers, and boost the franchise's staying power
Navit Zomer|
The Danish toy conglomerate LEGO announced Tuesday that for the first time it will open the company's official stores in Israel in the second half of 2022.
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  • The company said its stores in Israel will come with a substantial price-cut on all of its products. LEGO products in Israel are said to be highest in the world due to being sold through local toy retailers.
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    חנות לגו
    חנות לגו
    An official LEGO Store
    In order to open its specialized LEGO stores in an effective manner, the toy manufacturer announced it has appointed Eran Tor - founder of the IDigital store chain which is a licensee of Apple products, and one of the founders of Nintendo Israel - as the company's regional chiefs.
    By opening official stores in the country, the company hopes to rectify one of the biggest issues the Israeli consumer has had to deal with - the notoriously high prices of all LEGO products in the country - which sometimes are twice as expensive locally than aboard.
    "There will be a drastic change in prices. The Israeli consumer deserves to enjoy affordable prices,” said Tor, who also promised to grow the selection of LEGO products available in Israel alongside the expected price-cut.
    “The selection here is poor compared to the products offered overseas, and now that too will change."
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    לגו משחק אילוסטרציה
    לגו משחק אילוסטרציה
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    The uniqueness of all LEGO stores, among other things, is that you can try the products in the store, receive aid on site from a specialized support team, and enjoy various LEGO-themed events and celebrations throughout the year.
    "LEGO is one of the most amazing companies in the world that takes the value of education through play and brings it to life by allowing children to express imagination and creativity,” Tor added.
    “The stores will offer a variety of LEGO products in unique and limited editions, and about 60% of the products will be exclusive only to us. In addition, as is customary in the world, special brand events open to the general public will be held in stores.”
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