Telegram channel posing as pro-Israel hacker group scams Israelis for donations

Israeli hacking group WeRedEvils explicitly says refrains from soliciting donations or funds, however, this hasn't deterred impostors from operating under its name, deceiving thousands of Israelis
In recent days, numerous Israelis have fallen victim to a fraud online orchestrated by a group posing to be an Israeli hackers group named WeRedEvils. The scammers created a page on X and several channels on Telegram, urging users to donate money.
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According to information received Sunday, these impostors managed to deceive thousands of users online, though the extent of the damage couldn't be verified. The real WeRedEvils group operates exclusively through a Telegram channel, but even there, at least six channels are posing to be the hacker group.
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סמארטפון פרוץ
סמארטפון פרוץ
Thousands of Israelis were scammed by fake hacker's group
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Israeli hackers, or purportedly pro-Israeli, claim to have been active since the beginning of the war, leveraging their skills to target primarily hostile nations to Israel, notably Iran. The group gained fleeting attention after asserting responsibility for disrupting parts of Iran's power grid in the capital, Tehran, but independent verification of their claims is yet to surface.
In recent weeks, they reported successfully breaching an Iranian hospital, stealing document databases, and encrypting internal computer networks. In their latest disclosure, they asserted intrusion into the computer systems of the Iranian judiciary and parliament. In both recent cases, they released stolen data repositories ostensibly obtained during these incidents, but again, verifying their authenticity remains challenging. Nevertheless, this activity has gone viral among Israeli online communities, turning these hackers into quasi-cyber heroes.
Over the past couple of months, pro-Palestinian hacker groups, mainly from Muslim-majority countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Algeria, and Iran (as distinct from Russia), have been engaging in cyber warfare, launching attacks against pro-Israeli groups, predominantly from India, the United States, and even Israel itself. However, one consistent factor is that the WeRedEvils hackers have never solicited donations through their official channels. Therefore, encountering such requests elsewhere should be treated with suspicion, as it is likely a fraudulent scheme.
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