Geely teases Zeekr 7X: the sleek new challenger to Tesla Model Y

Geely's luxury division unveils first images and details of the 7X, an electric SUV set to compete with the Tesla Model Y; when is it expected to arrive and more details inside

Nir Ben Zaken|
Zeekr, the luxury division of Chinese automotive giant Geely, has unveiled the first images and details of the 7X, an electric SUV based on the 007 models sold in China.
The 7X will compete in the market against the Tesla Model Y, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Volkswagen ID.4 when it arrives in the second quarter of 2025.
Built on Geely's dedicated SEA platform, the 7X features similar powertrain options to the 007 sedan, with 75 or 100 kWh batteries and rear-wheel drive (416 hp) or all-wheel drive (637 hp).
The estimated driving range is expected to be between 600 and 750 km, depending on the version, according to the optimistic Chinese CLTC standard, which is significantly higher than the European WLTP standard. Utilizing high voltage (800V) will enable ultra-fast charging, adding approximately 500 km to the range in just 15 minutes.
The Chinese manufacturer has released images of a prototype with camouflage stickers commonly used in test drives. However, it is easy to recognize its resemblance to the 007, including narrow front lighting units and a light bar across the tailgate. Sensors for the autonomous driving system are positioned at the front of the roof.
The driver environment is expected to be similar to the 007, featuring a large 15-inch OLED touchscreen, a curved digital instrument panel and an augmented reality head-up display.
Compared to the Tesla Model Y, the 7X is expected to be significantly larger, measuring 482.5 cm in length (7.5 cm longer) and with a wheelbase of 292.5 cm (3.5 cm longer).
The 7X will be an important addition to Zeekr's local showroom, as it allows the brand to compete in a popular category with a modern platform, impressive performance, range, and charging system. Will it become a real threat to the dominant models in the category from Tesla, Hyundai and Volkswagen? We will patiently wait for an intriguing comparison.
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