Israel unveils sixth-generation Spike precision missile

Manufacturer says advancements include ability to fire up to four missiles at once, increased ranges, and capability to transfer missile control between battlefield platforms mid-flight
Yoav Zitun|
Israel on Thursday unveiled the sixth generation of its electro-optical Spike guided missile at the international weaponry industry trade fair Eurosatory in Paris.
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  • The new precision fire-and-forget missile was developed by Israel's state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and introduces several new enhanced capabilities, including the ability to fire up to four missiles at once from a single launcher controlled by a sole operator.
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    תמונות היסטוריות של התמוז
    תמונות היסטוריות של התמוז
    The Spike missile fired from a helicopter
    (Photo: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)
    In addition, the Spike missile is able to lock on enemy targets using advanced image-matching technology. Based on unique image processing technologies, this capability allows the missile to receive images mid-flight that will aid it in better locating and hitting its target with maximum accuracy while minimizing collateral damage.
    Another new feature allows control over the sixth-generation missile to be transferred between battlefield platforms mid-flight.
    For example, if a helicopter launches the missile but flies out of the area, a ground vehicle in the same attack zone vicinity can take control of it and navigate the missile toward the target.
    The new sixth-generation Spike missile
    (Video: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)
    The sixth-generation missile also has an improved attack range, being able to hit targets 50 kilometers (31 miles) away when launched from a helicopter and targets at ranges up to 32 kilometers (19 miles) when launched from the ground.
    Dr. Ran Gozali, Executive Vice President, GM Land & Naval Division at Rafael said: "The Spike missile is the first of Rafael's electro-optical domestic missile group (Spike missiles) and it is used by the IDF and 39 other countries around the world."
    "The advanced version of the sixth-generation missile was developed in light of the need to meet newer and more complex demands that arise from the operational scene and thanks to the constant technological innovation and unique engineering capability Rafael has.
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    הדמיית יכולות הטיל החדש של רפאל
    הדמיית יכולות הטיל החדש של רפאל
    The Spike missile
    (Photo: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)
    The SPIKE NLOS is a long-range electro-optic missile developed by Rafael to hit enemy targets from a long distance with great accuracy. The missile was designed and developed by Rafael against the Syrian army's armored forces following lessons learned from the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
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