Boy George sees 'Rainbow in the Dark' with Israel's reality star

English pop singer opts to record a duet with Asaf Goren, which features verses in both English and Hebrew, despite protests from Israel boycott movements and says he is looking forward to performing for his Israeli fans live soon

UK pop star Boy George over the weekend presented his new single "Rainbow in the Dark", recorded with Israeli performer and reality star Asaf Goren.
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  • The project, which includes verses in both English and Hebrew, was initiated by the Culture Club frontman after he had received messages of abuse following his performance in Israel in 2017. He also performed in Israel with UK DJ Mark Ronson back in 2011.
    "He was under fire from the BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] so he decided to collaborate with an Israeli musician," Goren, who rose to fame after appearing in an Israeli version of "Big Brother" reality TV show, said in an interview with Ynet.
    The English singer, songwriter, DJ and producer told Ynet readers he is looking forward to performing in Israel again soon.
    Boy George in a message to Ynet readers
    "I'd like you to stream my new song 'Rainbow in the Dark' with Asaf Goren anywhere you stream music. Play it loud, play it proud and I look forward to being in Israel sometime soon and playing live. Shalom, peace and love," he said in a recorded video message.
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    אסף גורן, בוי ג'ורג'
    אסף גורן, בוי ג'ורג'
    Boy George and Asaf Goren
    (Photo: YouTube )
    Israeli actor, singer and dancer said Boy George came across his album "For Tha Kidz" and "loved it". Shortly after, the two began communicating thanks to a mutual friend in Los Angeles.
    "I was in LA a few months ago and there was some talk of collaboration, but there was nothing concrete," Goren said. "One morning I wake up and see that Boy George tagged me on Instagram, with a picture and a song of mine. After that I got a sketch of a song in an email and he wrote that it was the direction he wanted to go."
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    אסף גורן ובוי ג'ורג'
    אסף גורן ובוי ג'ורג'
    Boy George and Asaf Goren in a new single
    (Photo: PR)
    They continued to correspond and began to send recorded bits of the song to one another. "When I sent him an initial sketch of my verse in English, he got back to me and said he also wanted a verse in Hebrew, that demand was entirely his own," Goren added.
    Rainbow in the Dark is also the name of a new live show that Boy George is set to perform along with Culture Club on December 19 at Wembley Stadium, which will be streamed live for the viewers.
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