TikTok creator imitates video game characters, making staggering earnings

Creators like Pinkydoll profit from viewers who take the role of puppeteers and control the streamers acting as video game characters and repeating lines chosen for them
Omer Tessel|
There are few spaces on the internet as bizarre as the live streaming on TikTok including a new sensation called NPC (Non-Playable Characters) which allow paying viewers, for a nominal sum, to have a tribute of sorts appear on the screen - whether it's in the form of colorful emojis/stickers or a filter draped over the star during the live stream - and with the appearance of the tribute, internet celebrities respond with a short and repetitive sentence along with a gesture.
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In the realm of these live streams, viewers take on the role of puppeteers, controlling real-life NPCs, similar to the characters found in the gaming world, who serve as their real-life counterparts, responding based on predetermined options dictated by the viewers.
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This is where the user PinkyDoll, whose real name is Fedha Sinon, enters the picture. She quickly became a viral sensation and took the internet by storm. Her live streams have captivated audiences, as she embodies a unique kind of NPC-like character. Instead of dressing up as a computer game character, PinkyDoll repeats lines chosen by her audience (for a fee, of course - which immediately becomes her profit). This has created a quirky and almost hypnotic loop of phrases like "Yes, yes, yes!", "Ice cream! So delicious!" accompanied by a mock ice cream-eating gesture or balloon-popping sounds that she imitates.
She delivers these phrases in a voice described as "baby/sexy," and in an additional touch, she holds a hair straightener with which she pretends to make popcorn kernels pop. The intense sequence of actions immediately captures the viewer's attention, whether they are drawn to it or not. PinkyDoll's unique blend of gestures and catchphrases has become an instant hit, leaving a lasting impression on her audience.
PinkyDoll, a 27-year-old resident of Montreal became extremely popular on TikTok, attracting over 580,000 subscribers to her account with a rapidly growing following of tens of thousands of fans eagerly awaiting her next live stream.
Her content is described as extreme, both in its nature and the fast-paced delivery. The bizarre combination of her actions and phrases has captivated her audience, leading to her immense success. Before becoming PinkyDoll, Sinon worked as a stripper and bikini model.
In a recent interview with The New York Times, she revealed that the inspiration for her character came from watching people play Grand Theft Auto. She focused on certain characters from the game to gather ideas for her live streams on TikTok. The catchphrases and gestures that she incorporates into her performances, such as the repetitive phrases and the hair straightener popcorn gimmick, have become signature elements of her content.
PinkyDoll's unique approach has been highly profitable for her, as she earns between $2,000 to $3,000 per live stream. Additionally, by utilizing Instagram and OnlyFans, she can generate up to $7,000 from a single day of streaming. Her rise to stardom is a testament to the power of the internet and the appeal of her engaging and distinct persona.
While many users believe that it is just trolling symbolizing the "end of humanity" - as per one of the shared posts that received hundreds of thousands of views on Twitter - others perceive these videos as content that is difficult to look away from, or perhaps, hard to watch due to the discomfort they provoke. Certain individuals even identify the sexual element in PinkyDoll's and similar creators' expressions and gestures.
However, these phenomena raise problematic issues and concerns. It is challenging to overlook the moral problems inherent in a system that allows for the existence of such a trend, which perpetuates adult-oriented content.
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