Eden Golan defies previous odds after semi-final success

Mishap on Italian Rai reveals nearly 40% of viewers gave Israeli artist their vote in the Eurovision Song Contest Thursday competition raising Eden Golan to second place to win in betting pools 

Raz Shechnik, Malmo|

(Kan Broadcasting )

A mishap in Italy's public broadcaster Rai on Thursday, accidently revealed that Eden Golan received the full 12 points there for her performance in the Eurovision Song Contest's semi-final, with 39.31% of the votes from viewers, creating a huge gap between her and the Netherlands, which was next in line. Soon after, Golan's chances to win spiked, propelling her up to second place after Croatia, in the betting charts.
The performance therefore trumped the anti-Israel sentiments in Italy at least and had this been a normal year, she may even had had a good chance of winning first place.
Amid the rampant antisemitism expressed around the world, and in Malmo, host of the contest, particularly, Golan's rise in the betting pool is a surprise.
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Eden Golan at the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals in Malmo on Thursday
(Photo: Alma-Bengtsson courtesy of EBU)
The 20-year old singer faced provocative questioning at a press conference after the performance, when a Polish reporter asked if she was not concerned that her presence there endangers the other contestants. Golan hesitated at to answer at first. The representative of the EBU told her she was not compelled to respond. But she did in the end and told the reporter that she like everyone there, has come for the same reason and that with the security provided by the EBU, she and the others are safe.
Eden Golan during press conference after making the finals in the Eurovision Song Contest
(Gil Nechushtan)

Amid the snubs from the Dutch and Greek contestants in the room, Golan's director Yoav Tzafir took the highroad when he said that the Israeli delegation has come with a positive attitude and was all about love. "Everyone brings on himself his own karma, Tzafir said pointing out that the Dutch artist had dropped in his chances to win, according to the betting charts.
Golan received praise from supporters on social media including Jessica Seinfeld, wife of comedian Jerry Seinfeld who called on the public to vote for Golan in the finals on Saturday.
Sharon Osbourne also posted her support and respect for Golan. "Over 5000 people demonstrated in the streets of Malmo Sweden against a young girl who came with no hatred in her heart, just to represent her country Israel 🇮🇱 For all of you Anti-Semites out there this is not the 1930’s and 40’s. Jews and Israel will never be stopped again," Osbourne said in her Instagram post.

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