Israel to host UEFA Under-19 Championship in 2027

Chairman of the Israeli Football Association says the decision to select Israel to host the prestigious tournament is yet another heartwarming testament to the immense respect Israel commands within UEFA

Nadav Zenziper|
UEFA announced Tuesday that Israel has been selected to host the prestigious Under-19 European Championship in 2027, featuring eight national teams.
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This marks the second major tournament to be held in Israel after the 2013 UEFA European Under-21 Championship. The decision was made during a committee meeting of the European football governing body held in Limassol, Cyprus and part of UEFA's new policy aimed at strengthening European soccer associations and European soccer.
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שחקני נבחרת הנוער של ישראל חוגגים
שחקני נבחרת הנוער של ישראל חוגגים
Israel's U19 national team
(Photo: AP/Gustavo Garello)
The choice to host the tournament in Israel comes on the heels of the incredible success of Israel's youth national teams, particularly this summer.
Israel's Under-19 national team made it to the finals of the U19 championship in 2022, and earlier this year, they clinched the bronze medal at the Under-20 World Cup in Argentina. Additionally, the Under-21 national team achieved its most significant milestone ever by reaching the semi-finals of the European Championship and securing Israel's place in the Olympics, a feat that hadn't occurred since 1976.
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שינו זוארץ
שינו זוארץ
Moshe Shino Zuares the chairman of the Israeli Football Association
(Photo: Oz Mualem)
Moshe Shino Zuares the chairman of the Israeli Football Association, remarked, "The decision to select Israel and the Football Association to host the prestigious 2027 UEFA Under-19 European Championship is yet another heartwarming testament to the immense respect we command within UEFA. Every time we have been entrusted with the privilege of hosting a significant tournament, we have set high standards and consistently raised the bar."
"A significant part of this success is owed to the Israeli audience and its profound love for football. They turn out in great numbers to support our national team, creating unforgettable experiences for all involved. We have diligently worked to secure this hosting opportunity," Zuares said.
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