Soldier of the opera: crooner wows fellow IDF troops in Gaza

Stas Davidov says he feels like his performances in the field help raise the soldiers' morale but says he wants to return to the stage soon
Stas Davidov performing in Gaza
(Video: Lionel Liberti)

Stas Davidov, who performs with the Israeli Opera, has been serving as a member of the IDF's reserves in Gaza, since the beginning of the war
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During breaks between his operations, Davidov, a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, entertains his fellow soldiers by performing. About two months ago, at a military gathering center in the southern part of the country, Davidov amazed his friends with his singing abilities on stage, and in recent days, he showcased his talent even inside the Strip.
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סטס דוידוב
סטס דוידוב
Stas Davidov
(Photo: Lionel Liberti)
"It does them good," Davidov told Ynet."For some, it provides strength. I make a great effort to entertain and sing for my friends during the busy times in the field."
Stas Davidov performing for his unit
( Video: Lionel Liberti)
Davidov praises his fellow soldiers in Gaza. "I’m proud to be part of such a high-quality battalion. We have a variety of skilled and professional soldiers. We have a unity that can overcome anything." Despite his closeness to the troops, the opera singer admits he misses the stage: "I really miss it and look forward to performing again."
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