Israeli soccer fans arrested after smuggling flares inside wheelchair into stands

2 detained by police after flares found hidden in wheelchair, along with pyrotechnic devices; match between Israeli champions Maccabi Haifa and city rivals Hapoel ended 1:1

Eitan Glikman|
During a derby match between Israeli soccer champions Maccabi Haifa and their city rivals Hapoel Haifa, which ended in a 1:1 draw, two fans were arrested for attempting to smuggle dozens of flares hidden inside a wheelchair into Sammy Ofer Stadium on Sunday evening after they raised suspicion among the police officers present.
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Upon inspection, the police discovered the pyrotechnic devices concealed inside the carrying case of the wheelchair. The two suspects, who reside in Kiryat Yam and Haifa, were taken into custody for further questioning. Based on the investigation findings and evidence, the police will request the Haifa Magistrate's Court to remand them to custody in a Tuesday hearing.
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הכיסא עם האבוקות
הכיסא עם האבוקות
The wheelchair with the flares
(Photo: Israeli Police)
With Maccabi Tel Aviv breathing down Maccabi Haifa's neck for the title, the latter knew they needed to win, but to no avail. Manager Messay Dego lamented the loss of momentum in the second half of the game, which allowed Hapoel Haifa to snatch an equalizer.
Hapoel's manager, Ronny Levy, was more upbeat post-match, saying he was happy with his players' tactical discipline and remarking upon the importance of continuity when it comes to results.
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