First summit of LGBTQ+ professionals, students to be held in Tel Aviv

Event, one of the oldest and largest international conferences of its kind, planned by universities in Israel and Madrid aim to bring together LGBT professionals in order to make connection and advance careers
An international summit organized by Israel’s LGBTech and Madrid’s IE University will allow students and professionals in the LGBTQ+ community to “inspire and support” each other on March 16 in Tel Aviv.
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  • It will be the first edition of LGBT+ @ Work – one of the largest and oldest LGBTQ+ professional conferences worldwide – to be held outside of Europe.
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    מצעד הגאווה בתל אביב
    מצעד הגאווה בתל אביב
    LGBT pride parade in Tel Aviv
    (Photo: Honen Haim)
    LGBT Teach has partnered with Tel Aviv Tech, the coastal city’s municipality, and the Guts creative agency to bring leaders from around the world to the summit and give participants a voice that will be heard across the globe.
    Supported by a wide range of leading sponsors and partners, the event aims "to inspire and support a generation of emerging LGBTQ+ professionals, while providing space for the world's biggest brands to experience new frontiers of diversity, equality, and inclusion.”
    Attendees will be able to learn practical skills, form meaningful relationships, and advance their careers.
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    מצעד הגאווה בתל אביב
    מצעד הגאווה בתל אביב
    Tel Aviv 2022 pride parade
    (Photo: Yair Sagi)
    In Tel Aviv – Israel’s coastal hub of young faces and open-minded spaces – the LGBTQ+ community thrives compared to the rest of the Jewish state and the entirety of the region. Not rare are scenes of gay couples kissing on a street bench, posters of the next drag show plastered on cafe windows, or rainbow flags hung on establishments throughout the city, year-round.
    Today, rights among Israel’s LGBTQ+ community – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and other identities – are considered the most developed in the Middle East, with Tel Aviv being the epicenter of that tolerance. The Pride Parade every June is especially an internationally anticipated event, attracting hundreds of thousands of people from across the world to Tel Aviv to celebrate Pride month.

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