Foreign minister to offer Eurovision star Eden Golan public diplomacy gig

Israel Katz says will offer singer position of special envoy in Europe to combat antisemitism, incitement and advocate for release of hostages

After her rollercoaster of a Eurovision campaign, Foreign Minister Katz will appoint singer Eden Golan as a special envoy for the Foreign Ministry, Ynet learned on Monday.
According to ministry sources, Katz has been compiling a list of special envoys for Israel, including Golan, Israel's representative for this year's song contest.
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עדן גולן על במת גמר אירוויזיון 2024
עדן גולן על במת גמר אירוויזיון 2024
Eden Golan
(Photo: Sarah Louise Bennett, Courtesy of EBU)
Katz confirmed the details to Ynet, saying, "I intend to offer Eden Golan the position of special envoy for Israel in Europe to combat antisemitism, anti-Isarel incitement and advocate for the release of hostages. Eden, alongside her immense singing talent, demonstrated great patriotism and the ability to reach the hearts of the masses directly—exactly what Israel needs in these times."
If she accepts the offer, she will represent Israel in Jewish communities, university campuses and cultural events across in European capitals.
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ישראל כץ
ישראל כץ
Israel Katz
(Photo: Shalev Shalom)
During Eurovision, Golan faced antisemitic jeers but managed to reach an honorable fifth place. She also encountered a confrontational question from a Polish journalist, asking if her presence endangered other contestants. Despite being given the option to not respond, she firmly replied that she did not feel that way and emphasized her focus on music.
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