A 4th bun in the oven: Gal Gadot's baby bump visible during a stroll with her husband

The Hollywood megastar, who has been active in the forefront of Israeli advocacy for hostages in Gaza, was captured on camera walking in Hollywood with her husband, with a visible baby bump; The couple, who are also business partners, already have three daughters

Bar Zaga|
Gal Gadot, the Israeli star best known for her role as Wonder Woman, is expecting her fourth child, it was revealed on Tuesday. Recently, Gadot has been passionately advocating for the issue of the hostages being held in Gaza. The news of her pregnancy came to light when she was spotted by paparazzi in Hollywood, while walking to the renowned Chateau Marmont hotel with her husband, Jaron Varsano.
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A glimpse of a small baby bump could be seen in the photos. The couple already has three daughters: Alma, 12, Maya, 7, and Daniella, who is two and a half years old.
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גל גדות ירון ורסנו
גל גדות ירון ורסנו
Gadot and Varsano
(Photo: Backgrid)
In recent weeks, Gal Gadot, known for her advocacy, has been fervently championing the cause of the hostages held in Gaza since the October 7 Hamas massacre. After playing a key role in organizing a letter of support from Hollywood celebrities for Israel, she voiced her concerns at a conference promoting solidarity with the State of Israel and the hostages, stating: "Please don't misunderstand me, I stand for peace, but the hostages remain captive."
This week, Gadot intensified her efforts, penning a sharp critique against the United Nations' resounding silence in response to the sexual assaults that took place during Hamas' attack on the Gaza border region. "We profess to stand against rape and violence against women. We won't allow women to become victims and then suppress their voices. We assert that we believe in women, stand with women, and raise our voices for women," wrote Gadot.
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פוסט גל גדות
פוסט גל גדות
Gadot's Instagram post, translated to English at the bottom
(Photo: Gettyimages, Instagram)
"On October 7, the world bore witness to Hamas' violent attacks in real-time. Within a matter of hours, the harrowing video of Shani Louk being paraded naked by her assailants surfaced. Yet, two months on, these women remain captive to their rapists. And the world refuses to acknowledge the situation for what it is: a crisis that demands an immediate response."
Gadot issued a call to action to the world's influential women. "This is our moment as women and their allies to take action. I implore those who have done so much for women's rights globally – from the UN to human rights organizations – please join the call for Hamas to immediately release every abducted woman - not in the next step of international mediation, not in another day. These women cannot endure another moment in such terror," she wrote.
Her Instagram post, written in Hebrew, also said: "I would like to use my platform to share regarding the hostages and missing persons. To give a face and a name to the incomprehensible numbers the world is exposed to. The world must see the babies, children, mothers, fathers and the elderly who were abducted or disappeared without a trace. Send us pictures, videos and details of your loved ones, whether held hostage or missing, and I promise to share them with the world to echo our biggest request – Hamas, give us back our children!"
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