Miley Cyrus says she 'inherited the narcissism' from her father

She also acknowledged her father's role in shaping her musical outlook and perspective on life 

Miley Cyrus claimed she "inherited the narcissism" from her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, and discussed their shared conceited traits in an interview for the late-night show "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman."
She also acknowledged he shaped her musical outlook and perspective on life.
Miley's parents, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus, divorced in 2022 after being married since 1993, leading to a complex family dynamic. Miley credited her father for providing career guidance, while also acknowledging the influence of her parents' upbringing on her own journey.
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What a happy familly
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Miley praised her mother, Tish Cyrus, as her "hero" and the one who really raised her, while also noting the estranged relationship with her father during her parents' divorce.
Despite tensions between Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus following the divorce, Miley reached a new level of stardom together through the show "Hannah Montana." The family uprooted from Tennessee to California after she landed a role in the show.
Both Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus have remarried different people after their divorce, and Billy Ray filed for divorce from his second wife, Firerose, after seven months of marriage. Reports of a family feud arose following the divorce, and tensions were evident at Tish's wedding with some family members absent.
Billy Ray Cyrus recently praised Miley on Instagram, expressing pride in her accomplishments.
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