BBC accuses Israel of targeting medical teams at Shifa, then apologizes

UK broadcaster says Arabic language speakers including doctors under attack from soldiers as hospital, later says sorry explaining a misquote of Reuters report
The BBC on Wednesday accused the IDF of targeting Arabic speakers at Shifa hospital in Gaza, including in medical teams.
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The network then posted an apology saying it had misreported the Reuters news agency which said Israeli troops came with Arabic speakers and doctors, when they entered the hospital. "We apologize for this error which fell bellow our editorial standards," the BBC said.
BBC accuses Israel of attacking doctors at Shifa
(Photo: BBC)
This was not the first time that the BBC erred in its reporting of the Gaza war, presenting Israel as responsible for bad conduct.
BBC Apologizes for accusation Israel targets doctors at Shifa
After an explosion at the the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital last month The BBC and other media outlets were quick to report the Hamas health officials' claim that Israel had shelled the hospital, which would have constituted a war crime.
Israeli troops were operating in the hospital since the night hours in search for Hamas commanders and command posts. The troops were also looking for evidence that may indicate the use of the underground Hamas facilities to hold hostages.
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