Israelis clash with pro-Palestinian protester in Greece

During Conference League soccer match between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Greek club Olympiacos, young Iraqi calls out anti-Israel slogans holding a Palestinian flag and hurls open beer can at Israeli fans who then beat him until police arrives

Israeli soccer fans were involved in a violent altercation with a pro-Palestinian man during a match between Maccabi Tel Aviv and the Greek Olympiacos club in the Conference League.
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According to Greek media, a small group of Israelis hit an Iraqi youth who raised a Palestinian flag, shouted anti-Israel slogans and threw an open beer can at the Maccabi fans.
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משטרת יוון
משטרת יוון
Greek police
(Photo: Milos Bicanski / Getty images)
Greek police arrived at the scene to return order.
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מפגינה באתונה אוחזת שלט שעליו נכתב "מהנהר לים"
מפגינה באתונה אוחזת שלט שעליו נכתב "מהנהר לים"
Pro Palestine demonstration in Greece
(Photo: Yorgos Karahalis / AP)
According to the Greek Sports DNA site, an ambulance was called to treat the young Iraqi.
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