Kyrie Irving wears keffiyeh to NBA finals

Dallas Mavericks star player arrives with pro-Palestinian trinket after making antisemitic and anti-Israel statements in the past that got him suspended

Kyrie Irving, one of the Dallas Mavericks' star players, is known for his pro-Palestinian tendencies. This was seen again Sunday night when Irving arrived at Game 2 of the NBA Finals with a keffiyeh wrapped around his hand. Boston beat Dallas in that game 105-98.
This isn’t the first time Irving has used symbols to show public support for the Palestinians. In November, during a press conference after a game against Milwaukee, he sat down with a keffiyeh draped on his head. Two weeks ago, Irving attended another press conference during the playoffs with a necklace of the map of Israel, covered by the Palestinian flag.
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Kyrie Irving
While most NBA officials, staff and players backed Israel immediately after October 7, Irving posted to his X account a few days after the Hamas’ attack: "Where are all you tough talking Media Heads that get on TV and social platforms to condemn people who stand by the oppressed?? Crimes are being committed against humanity and most of you are silent. Cat got your tongue? Or you’re afraid of actually standing for something real.”
That's not all. In January, during the game between Utah and Dallas, several signs reading "I'm a Jew and I'm proud" were displayed by some in the crowd. Irving approached security personnel at the opponent's home arena and demanded the signs be removed, which they later were.
At the start of the previous season, Irving – when he was still playing for Brooklyn – was suspended after posting an antisemitic video on his Instagram account, causing a major uproar and severe criticism against him, as well as many protests. About a month later, he apologized and returned to play.
Meanwhile, before the NBA Finals’ second game Sunday night, a small anti-Israel protest gathered outside the TD Garden, where signs were waved calling to "Free Palestine" and "End the Occupation.”
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