Eurovision officials say Israel's song is too political - read the lyrics for yourself

The European Broadcasting Union is considering disqualifying the song 'October Rain,' which describes the Hamas massacre on October 7, from the competition due to its 'political' lyrics

The European Broadcasting Union is pushing back against the song Israel has chosen, hinting that it may be disqualified due to its "political" messages. Israel insists this is its song for the Eurovision Song Contest that will be held in Sweden in May.
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"October Rain" is mostly in English, with a few phrases in Hebrew, describing the plight of Israeli civilians during the Hamas attack on October 7, alluding to death and trauma throughout the song. The song is described as a dynamic ballad that culminates at the end with the phrase "They were all good children, each one of them." Here are some of the song's lyrics, obtained by Ynet:
"Evening, everything is black and white, who is the fool?
Who told you boys don’t cry?
Hours and hours and flowers. Life is not a game for the cowards.
While time goes by, every day, I’m losing my mind. Holding on.
There’s no air left to breathe, no place, no me from day to day."
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עדן גולן
עדן גולן
Israel's contender for Eurovision, Eden Golan
(Photo: Keshet)
The European Broadcasting Union sent messages indicating that they will disqualify the Israeli song and offered to allow Israel an opportunity to replace it. However, the director general of KAN, Israel's national broadcasting corporation, Golan Yochpaz, and its board headed by Gil Omer, is standing firm and announced that they will not change the song.
"As far as the Israel Broadcasting Corporation is concerned, there is no intention of replacing the song. That is, if it is not approved by the European Broadcasting Union, Israel will not participate in the competition that will be held in Sweden next May," KAN said in a statement.
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עדן גולן, מיקי זוהר
עדן גולן, מיקי זוהר
Culture Minister Miki Zohar stands behind Eden Golan
(Photo: Shai Franco, Alex Kolomoisky)
Meanwhile, Minister of Culture Miki Zohar sent a letter to the CEO of the European Broadcasting Union calling on him to approve the Israeli song. At the same time, heavy Israeli pressure is being exerted on diplomatic fronts to change the decision of the European Broadcasting Union.
"EBU’s intention to exclude the Israeli song from Eurovision is scandalous. The song by Eden Golan is a touching song, which expresses the feelings of the people and the country these days and is not political. I call on the European Broadcasting Union to continue to act professionally and neutrally and not to let politics influence art," said Zohar in a statement.
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