Israeli Chef Eyal Shani's NYC restaurant awarded a Michelin star

Amid constant demonstrations between Israelis and Palestinians, Chef Eyal Shani is honored with a Michelin Star for his Shmone restaurant, marking the 4th such occasion for an Israeli chef around the world; Soon, he will open another NYC eatery, based on his Malka restaurant in Tel Aviv

Tiki Golan|
Shmone, a restaurant under the stewardship of popular Israeli Chef Eyal Shani, was honored with a Michelin star Wednesday night. Remarkably, the restaurant opened its doors in May 2022, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and it is being honored as Shani's home country is embroiled in a deadly war. Shmone's kitchen is helmed by Nadav Greenberg, the restaurant's principal chef.
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This marks the fourth time that a Michelin star has been bestowed upon an Israeli chef globally. Preceding this, Chef Moshik Roth was honored with two Michelin stars for his Amsterdam restaurant, which closed during the coronavirus pandemic. Similarly, Chef Assaf Granit earned a Michelin star for his Parisian restaurant Shabour, and Chef Gal Ben -Moshe was recognized with a Michelin star for his Berlin-based restaurant Prism.
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איל שני, נורת' איביזה
איל שני, נורת' איביזה
Chef Eyal Shani
(Photo: Tiki Golan)
Shmone becomes the latest addition to the collection of seven other New York establishments owned by Eyal Shani and his partner Shahar Segal, including HaSalon, Miznon (with four locations), and Port Said, which launched roughly three months ago. The menu at Shmone echoes the themes found in the group's other restaurants, providing categories such as land-based food, seafood, meats (as originally stated), and desserts. A selection of Israeli dishes is featured on the menu, including a sabich plate, chicken kebab and a yogurt and sumac dessert.
This achievement comes amid an increasingly turbulent atmosphere in New York, where pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian protesters are clashing repeatedly amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, being fought mostly in Gaza. Jewish-owned Avenue Deli spread some online pro-Israeli posts and donated some of its proceeds to United Hatzalah, an independent, non-profit, fully volunteer emergency medical service. Subsequently, the location was defaced with a drawing of a swastika at the entrance door.
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מישלן, מסעדת שמונה ניו יורק
מישלן, מסעדת שמונה ניו יורק
Michelin pride for Shmone
(Photo: PR)
At 19 Cleveland, a Manhattan-based eatery, diners were caught in the middle of a pro-Palestinian rally, and videos shared online showed petrified diners, looking out the windows with noticeable apprehension.
Soon, Chef Shani will open his 8th location, a restaurant called Malka (Hebrew for Queen) at 161 W 72nd St, and will be based on his identically named restaurant in Tel Aviv.
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