Israeli actress to star in a life of Jesus film alongside Anthony Hopkins

Noa Cohen will portray Mary, who is ostracized from her community after a natural conception and forced into hiding; 'It's an exciting achievement, choosing an Israeli actress for such a project' agent says
Israeli actress Noa Cohen is set to star alongside veteran actor Anthony Hopkins in a new thriller based on a story from the New Testament. Titled "Mary," the film follows the coming-of-age journey of Mary, played by Cohen, who is ostracized from her community after a natural conception and forced into hiding.
Hopkins will portray King Herod, whose relentless pursuit to maintain power sparks a murderous hunt for Mary's newborn child, Jesus, seen as a threat to his rule. The storyline tracks Mary and the young Joseph as they flee, desperate to conceal their infant son at any cost.
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נועה כהן, אנתוני הופקינס
נועה כהן, אנתוני הופקינס
Anthony Hopkins and Noa Cohen
(Photo: AP, Abigail Uzi)
Filming for the movie, directed by DJ Caruso (xXx: Return of Xander Cage), recently wrapped up in Morocco. The script was penned by Timothy Michael Hayes, following consultations with priests, bishops, Baptist ministers, rabbis, Mormons, and Muslims, as well as biblical scholars and theologians. Karen Hartley-Thomas, nominated for an Oscar for her makeup work on Israeli director Guy Nattiv's "Skin," is also part of the production team.
“At this time of my life, I’m drawn to the challenge of complex scripts. As well, the level of the detail given to this production with extraordinary sets, props and costumes — makes me proud to be a part of this.”
According to Deadline, Cohen was selected after an extensive search. The 21-year-old actress has appeared in various Israeli television series and shows. Nadav Levi, from the BOLD agency representing Cohen, told Ynet, "It's an exciting achievement. Choosing an Israeli actress for such a project is definitely a triumph."
Caruso expressed his desire to portray Mary's humanity authentically. “I want to give the world a portrayal of the real human Mary. Her story has a lesser-known beginning; it is profoundly worthy of being told. Portraying her from birth through childhood and presenting her as a human being with apprehensions and fears will be a celebration of everything inspiring and gut-wrenching about her journey.”
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