Israeli busker invited to take stage with Maroon 5 at Tel Aviv concert

Frontman Adam Levine spotted Coral Bismuth playing for a crowd of beachgoers from his hotel room and shared her performance with his millions of Instagram followers; now the young singer is set to join the band in front of an audience of tens of thousands of roaring fans

Ran Boker|
An Israeli street musician was invited to play on stage with American pop icons Maroon 5 in Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park after the band's frontman spotted the young singer-songwriter playing from his hotel and shared her performance with his millions of followers, Ynet has learned on Monday.
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  • Coral Bismuth has been busking in the streets of Tel Aviv for years, playing a mixture of cover songs and original tunes.
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    קורל ביסמוט ואדם לוין
    קורל ביסמוט ואדם לוין
    Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine and Israeli busker Coral Bismuth
    (Photo: AP, Instagram)
    On Saturday, she was performing on the coastal city's famous promenade like she often does, entertaining a crowd of beachgoers passing by.
    At that time, the band's lead singer Adam Levine was watching on from his beachfront hotel room and shared Bismuth's performance with his 14.2 million followers on Instagram.
    Levine followed Bismuth on Instagram and the dynamic between the two resulted in her being invited to join the band on the big stage in Yarkon Park.
    It is still unclear whether Bismuth would play alongside Levine in one of his songs or open for the band. Either way, the 27-year-old will fulfill the dream of many artists, and will play in front of an audience of tens of thousands of roaring fans.
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    אדם לוין מארון 5
    אדם לוין מארון 5
    Levine at the Western Wall
    (Photo: Moshe Mizrahi)
    Levine and his bandmates were also caught by paparazzi touring Jerusalem over the weekend ahead of the group's concert in Tel Aviv. The band visited several of the capital’s holiest and most important religious sites, including the Western Wall.
    Maroon 5's two performances in Israel on Monday and Tuesday will seal its Middle Eastern tour.
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