Eden Golan primed to be the new face of Israeli fashion powerhouse

FOX, one of Israel's top fashion brands, has been searching for a new face, and it looks like it's close to finalizing a deal with the Eurovision star

Bar Zaga|
A mere fortnight after delivering the performance of a lifetime on the Eurovision stage and clinching fifth place, star singer Eden Golan is already on the brink of landing her first fashion campaign.
Israeli fashion powerhouse FOX is in the final stages of sealing a deal with the singer. For the fashion house, no one fits the bill better than Golan, who has captured the heats of the nation after facing a torrent of bullying, hatred and ridicule from the European audience and her fellow contestants in the hostile Swedish city of Malmö.
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עדן גולן קמפיין נטורל פורמולה
עדן גולן קמפיין נטורל פורמולה
Eden Golan in the Natural Formula shoot
(Photo: Noa Wolfson)
Should these negotiations conclude successfully, Golan will become the brand's new face. This won't be her first venture into the world of endorsements—since her triumphant return from Sweden, she has already been featured in a campaign for the hair care brand Natural Formula.
(Eden Golan performing 'October Rain' in central Tel Aviv for hostage families)
Back in January, it was first reported that FOX was bidding farewell to its previous presenters: Maya Wertheimer, Maor Schweitzer and Ofer Hayun, after a collaboration of two and a half years. Another long-standing presenter, Dana Frieder, also stepped down alongside them.
As of now, it remains uncertain whether Golan will headline the campaign solo or be joined by other models.
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