Brewing the Zionist dream: Unique Israeli brewery opens for public tours

After making Aliyah, Neil Wasserman fulfilled his dream by establishing his own brewery and distillery in Israel which now offers guided tours and beer tastings
Anat Lev-Adler|
The Zionist dream comes in all shapes and sizes, and the one that Neil Wasserman fulfilled when he made Aliyah to Israel from New York can be found in Pardes Hannah-Karkur. There, he established the Shevet brewery, where he brews and distills craft beer.
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The brewery is nestled between the town’s fields and orchards, where Wasserman’s beer is brewed under strict hygienic standards.
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Neil Wasserman
(Photo: PR)
Before establishing his brewery, Wasserman recruited renowned beer brewing masters and imported advanced equipment from Germany that allowed him to brew his beer automatically and produce a variety of different beers - from red ales to light lagers, aged and spiced beers.
These days, the brewery is open for a tasting tours pilot, and the brewery’s beer garden will also be inaugurated with events including dancing and live performances.
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בירה שבט הופ גורו
בירה שבט הופ גורו
Shevet's pale ale
(Photo Shiri Sapir)
Join the tour, learn about the beer production process and taste the range of chilled beers on site. The tour's duration (including tastings) is about an hour and a half and costs NIS 75 shekels per person.
The tour requires a minimum of 15 participants and prior notice. After the tour itself, you can enjoy the brewery's garden or other activities including music, dancing, food stalls and, of course, beer.
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