Hold tight! Circus acrobat gets stuck upside down due to malfunction

Tel Aviv circus performance stops abruptly after the acrobat gets stuck on a rope during an aerial act ; Circus team rushes to rescue her as audience watches
An unusual incident occurred at the Circo Circo circus on Saturday, during a performance held in Tel Aviv. An aerial acrobat got stuck hanging on a wire at a high altitude while upside down and was unable to break free.
The acrobat got stuck upside down during aerial act
The audience responded with thunderous applause but then the show stopped until the production staff managed to fix the fault in the rope and lower the stuntwoman.
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לולינית הפוכה
לולינית הפוכה
Upside down acrobat
(Photo: Ynet)
"It was clear that this was not part of the show, we saw how the production people came to fix it and you could see that they were stressed," said one member of the audience. "After they rescued her, there was a sigh of relief and the show continued as usual."
The circus said in a statement that, during an aerial act, there was a technical malfunction in the lifting engine. The acrobat was rescued quickly and safely by the skilled staff and continued with the show unharmed. The circus thanked the audience members for their concern and said they look forward to seeing them at future shows.
The circus, which arrived in Israel about two weeks ago and showcases international performers and acrobats, is expected to continue its performances until the middle of next month.
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