Lizard vs. snake in battle to the death

Watch: Schreiber's fringe-fingered lizard which is facing extinction, and a Schokari sand racer snake whose venom is non-lethal to humans fight to the death; An Israel Nature and Parks Authority ecologist says theyboth might survive this fight
Moshe Kapuri documented an extraordinary battle when a Schokari sand racer snake attempted to hunt a Schreiber's fringe-fingered lizard around Hadera Beach. Watch the footage of the struggle between the two:
Schokari sand racer tries to hunt a Schreiber's fringe-fingered lizard
(Video: Moshe Kapuri)
Dotan Rotem, an open-space ecologist at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, described the snake. "The Schokari sand racer is a slender snake. Its full length ranges between 80 and 140 centimeters, it has four dark stripes along its body, and it appears in two color variations, in dark and light colors. Its venomous fangs are located at the rear part of its mouth," he explains.
Rotem added that this is a snake that is active during the day, and it mainly preys on reptiles and species of lizards. "It hunts by chasing and trapping the prey," he said. "This snake is active in the spring and fall, during humid months. The snake is one of the most agile snakes in the country. Its venom is not dangerous to humans, but its bite can be painful. When there is food or danger, it can rise to improve its field of vision."
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המאבק בין השנונית לנחש
המאבק בין השנונית לנחש
The fight is underway
(Photo:Moshe Kapuri)
He also described the Schokari sand racer documented in the battle on the beach. "In our case, the snake is hunting a Schreiber's fringe-fingered lizard, a species facing extinction," he said. "The name of the lizard is derived from the structure of its feet, which are shaped like a comb, preventing it from sinking into soft sand and enabling it to run at high speeds on a soft and brittle surface."
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המאבק על החיים בחוף הים בחדרה
המאבק על החיים בחוף הים בחדרה
The snake coils around its prey
(Photo: Moshe Kapuri)
Rotem said that the lizard can be seen throughout the year on sunny days with comfortable temperatures. "During the warm afternoon hours, it hides in the shade of shrubs or in burrows. It is facing extinction because most of its natural habitats have been destroyed due to construction and conversion of the land for agriculture. Its habitats will further shrink in the future due to urbanization," he said.
He did not rule out the possibility that the snake remained hungry after the altercation. "The photographs taken document a rare moment of the hunt, although, based on the resistance shown by the lizard, it is possible that the snake left it alone," he said. "With their movement, the snake and lizard attract potential predators like eagles, foxes and even dogs. Therefore, when walking with a dog, it is important to keep it on a leash and prevent it from chasing wildlife," he emphasized.
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