First snowfall in Golan as stormy weather sweep across Israel

Stormy weather will persist with intermittent rain and isolated thunderstorms from northern Israel to northern Negev; flash flood risk in Judean Desert and Dead Sea

The turbulent weather is expected to continue throughout Saturday, with intermittent rainfall from the north of the country to the northern Negev, occasionally accompanied by isolated thunderstorms.
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In the southern region, localized showers are possible, and there are concerns about flash flooding in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea area.

Saturday morning saw the season's first snowfall in the northern Golan. The weather is colder than usual for this time of year. However, from the afternoon, the rainfall and winds are expected to weaken. Overnight, light local rain is expected, mostly in the northern and central parts of the country.
Due to flooding and runoff, Route 90 was closed Saturday morning to traffic between Lido Junction and Metsoke Dragot Junction in both directions. The police have advised drivers to avoid the area, use alternative routes, and heed the instructions of officers on site.
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הצפות בכביש 90
הצפות בכביש 90
Route 90 closed amid flash floods in Judean Desert
(Photo: Israel Police)
On Friday, strong winds and heavy rainfall caused extensive damage across the country. A wall collapsed onto a parked car in Baka al-Gharbiyye, and a tree uprooted by the wind's force fell on Ben-Gurion Street in Holon.
A wall also collapsed in Osfiya, and an Electric Company crew was dispatched to the northern town due to the danger of torn electric cables on the road after the collapsed wall brought down an electric pole with it.
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נזקי החורף בבאקה אל גרביה
נזקי החורף בבאקה אל גרביה
Storm damage in Baka al-Gharbiyye
According to the Meteorological Service, the highest rainfall in the last 24 hours (as of 11:00 PM Friday) was recorded at Har Harsha in the Mateh Binyamin Regional Council, with 64.2 mm (2.53 inches) of precipitation. It was followed by Karnei Shomron with 60.7 mm (2.39 inches), Beit Dagan with 57.1 mm (2.25 inches) and HaKfar HaYarok with 55.1 mm (2.17 inches). Tel Aviv recorded 30.4 mm (1.20 inches) of rainfall while Jerusalem saw 29.3 mm (1.15 inches).
The forecasted temperatures for Saturday: Jerusalem 6-9°C (43-48°F), Tel Aviv 13-16°C (55-61°F), Haifa 9-14°C (48-57°F), Safed 5-8°C (41-46°F), Katzrin 7-13°C (45-55°F), Tiberias 11-17°C (52-63°F), Nazareth 7-13°C (45-55°F), Afula 8-16°C (46-61°F), Beit She'an 10-17°C (50-63°F), Lod 10-16°C (50-61°F), Ashdod 13-16°C (55-61°F), Ein Gedi 13-18°C (55-64°F), Be'er Sheva 9-14°C (48-57°F), Mitzpe Ramon 6-9°C (43-48°F) and Eilat 13-20°C (55-68°F).
On Sunday, intermittent rain is forecasted in northern and central Israel, with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. Snow is expected on Mount Hermon. There is a slight risk of flash flooding in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea area. It will continue to be colder than usual for the season.
On Monday, occasional rain, accompanied by isolated thunderstorms primarily in the north, will fall in the northern and central regions. Snow will continue on Mount Hermon. In the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea area, there's a slight risk of flash floods. Temperatures will be lower than usual for this time of year. At night, the rains and winds will intensify, with a risk of local flooding along the coast.
On Tuesday, periodic rain with thunderstorms is expected in the northern and central regions. Local rain may occur in the northern Negev. There's a concern for local coastal flooding and a slight risk of flash floods in the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea area. Snowfall is anticipated on the higher peaks of the northern and Samarian mountains. Strong winds will blow, and it will be particularly cold.
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