Israel set to sizzle under weekend heatwave

Friday’s temperatures will remain relatively unchanged, but a heatwave is set to hit Saturday and peak on Sunday, reaching up to 45℃ (113℉) in some areas; Unusually, there's also chance of rain

Danny Roup|
Friday's weather will remain unchanged, typically warm for August. However, starting Saturday, we'll be entering another heat wave. Temperatures in the inland areas will rise, becoming very hot and dry. Along the coast and in the lowlands, it will be particularly humid, making for oppressive to extreme heat across the country.
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In Tel Aviv, where it'll be very humid, temperatures are expected to reach 88°F (31°C) during Saturday afternoon. In Jerusalem, it'll be 97°F (36°C), in Eilat 104°F (40°C), Tiberias 106°F (41°C), and Beit Shean will experience a high of 108°F (42°C).
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חוף הים בתל אביב
חוף הים בתל אביב
Tel Aviv beach
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The peak of the heat wave is expected on Sunday. Exceptionally, amid this heat, medium-altitude clouds coming from the east will appear, a phenomenon typical for transitional seasons and not for summer. There's a chance these clouds may bring localized rain accompanied by lightning and thunder, especially in the eastern part of the country.
On Sunday, when the heat wave peaks, Tel Aviv will see temperatures of 90°F (32°C). However, both Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva are expected to reach 100°F (38°C), and many areas will surpass 104°F (40°C).
For instance, Kiryat Shmona is forecasted to hit 106°F (41°C) by midday, Eilat at 108°F (42°C), Tiberias at 109°F (43°C), and Beit Shean could climb to an intense 113°F (45°C). On Monday, temperatures will drop, and the oppressive heat will normalize for the season.
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