Israel fights medical cannabis coming in from Canada

Economy Ministry launches investigations into suspected imports of medical cannabis being sold in Israel and constituting unfair trade

Navit Zomer|
The battle over product imports in Israel has now reached the field of medical cannabis. Danny Tal, head of the Economy Ministry's trade and tariffs department, has launched an investigation into suspicions of medical cannabis imports from Canada being sold at a dumping price (a price lower than the price at which the product is sold in its country of origin).
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Canada-based companies engaged in the cultivation and marketing of cannabis are suspected of exporting surplus medical cannabis to Israel at prices up to 60% lower than those in Canada. Importing at dumping prices is considered unfair trade.
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The Economy Ministry said that in recent years, billions of shekels have been invested in research, development, and the establishment of advanced production facilities for Israel's medical cannabis industry, using strict regulations. Many of these investments have failed to make an impact, and numerous manufacturers have closed alongside the dramatic increase in foreign imports.
According to Tal, "Protecting the local medical cannabis industry from unfair trade is essential. This is a critical market for Israel during times of war, especially after the terrible tragedy and the trauma it caused."
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עישון קנאביס
עישון קנאביס
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"Medical cannabis products have significant health value for a large part of the population suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, and excessive imports significantly harm Israeli companies, some of which are forced to destroy crops and even become importers," he added.
"There's concern the imports of this vital medical resource will develop a consumer dependence on it, as medical cannabis has been growing in demand since the war."
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