Israeli company programs antibodies to fight cancer

Biolojic Design working on what they describe as 'breakthrough antibodies' able to target specific cancer cells that are harder to detect and operate on

Computer-designed antibodies are being created by one Israeli company that is looking to revolutionize cancer treatment.
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  • The company, Biolojic Design, is "committed to curing patients by designing and developing a pipeline of revolutionary therapeutics," according to their website. They are working on what they describe as "breakthrough antibodies."
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    פריצת דרך בתחום הטיפול בסרטן העור
    פריצת דרך בתחום הטיפול בסרטן העור
    Cancer cells
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    Biolojic Design is testing on cancer patients a medicine made of antibodies that were designed from scratch on a computer in Israel. The inventor programmed them to decide whether cells surrounding tumors are bad or good.
    Prof. Yanay Ofran, founder and CEO of Biolojic, spoke about the exciting breakthrough in cancer treatment.
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    "We call the new antibodies 'nano-robots' as a way of helping everyone understand what were talking about," Prof. Ofran explained. "The human body has a lot of proteins in it, and they are basically tiny machines made by nature to execute every plan biology has implemented."
    "The way pharma companies are using antibodies today is a fraction of what they can actually do," Prof. Ofran added. "We use artificial intelligence to try and make human antibodies into a smart drug."

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