Gaza resident harasses female hospital intern after undergoing a surgery in Israel

A Gaza Strip resident who was being treated at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon stroked an intern, and was later apprehended and questioned by security forces before being deported back to Gaza    

A resident of the Gaza Strip who underwent surgery at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon in recent days is suspected of harassing an intern at the hospital Monday evening.
The suspect allegedly stroked her hair and face, leading to his interrogation and subsequent deportation back to Gaza.
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ברזילי אשקלון
ברזילי אשקלון
Barzilai Medical Center
(Photo: Yaron Sharon)
Barzilai Medical Center reported that the Gazan was brought to the hospital a few days ago for surgery. "During treatment by the on-duty intern, he stroked her hair and face. The distressed intern fled the room and informed the staff. We immediately involved the gender complaints officer, the head nurse, and the security team, while also comforting the doctor."
"Security forces isolated the patient, and the police were called to the scene. The patient was arrested and taken into custody. The medical center's director was involved in the process, and we continue to provide the necessary support to the involved intern," the statement said.
The patient is not a terrorist or suspected of terror activity, and he did not come to the hospital from the IDF base in Sde Teiman, from which terrorists have previously been sent to various hospitals in Israel for medical treatment.
This practice has often sparked public disputes between hospitals opposing the transfer of terrorists for treatment and the Health Ministry, which has urged their treatment. Moshe Bar Siman Tov, Director-General of the Health Ministry, explained that treating them "supports Israel's legitimacy and saves many Israeli lives."
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