Kim Kardashian's psoriasis treatment has some wrinkles... literally

Influencer and socialite says tanning bed in her office was being used for light treatments to manage her psoriasis condition; That should be taken with a grain of salt, as a dermatology expert has emphasized these beds pose a risk to health and can potentially lead to the development of cancer

Dr. Sivan Mercer|
Kim Kardashian, probably the world's biggest online influencer, recently shared a tour of her offices with her millions of followers on TikTok. During the tour, she revealed she has a tanning bed and a red light bed in her office, which she uses to help manage her psoriasis, which brings up an interesting question – is the use of a tanning bed truly beneficial or potentially harmful to one's health?
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Based on information from Britain's National Health Service, or NHS, it has been determined that tanning beds release ultraviolet (UV) rays, which significantly raise the likelihood of developing skin cancer, including melanoma and other forms. Tanning beds emit a greater amount of UV radiation compared to the intensity of tropical sunlight during peak hours. As early as 2010, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC) and Israel's Ministry of Health concluded that tanning beds are carcinogenic. However, there is a lack of proper regulation and monitoring regarding this matter in practice.
The Israel Cancer Association also has raised concerns about the ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by tanning beds. Prolonged exposure to this type of radiation can result in various health issues, such as eye damage leading to vision loss, premature skin aging, onset of skin rashes, formation of precancerous lesions, and heightened risk of developing skin cancer, including melanoma. What's more, the risk is particularly amplified for those under the age of 25. Studies indicate those who were exposed to these cancer-causing rays at a young age have a significantly higher likelihood of developing skin cancer later in life.

How does this relate to psoriasis?

In both the United States and Israel, there are available treatments for psoriasis known as phototherapy, which utilize UV radiation. These treatments involve a gradual exposure of the skin to either UVA, UVB, or a combination of both, using advanced and precise devices. The fundamental principle behind this treatment is that the radiation from sunlight combats inflammation and the excessive growth of skin cells associated with various skin diseases.
On the other hand, tanning beds solely rely on UVA radiation, which can lead to skin aging and an increased risk of skin cancer.
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קים קרדשיאן
קים קרדשיאן
Kim Kardashian
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If Kardashian is genuinely interested in treating her psoriasis, it is recommended that she opt for a UVB-based treatment, which is the established method for addressing this condition. This treatment should be administered under controlled conditions by a physician, with a gradual increase in exposure and an appropriate dosage. In a hospital setting, for example, light therapy is performed gradually and with customized dosages according to a medical protocol, spanning a prolonged period that can consist of up to 30 sessions. Treatment typically begins with brief moments of exposure, gradually increasing over time.
ד"ר סיון מרסרDr. Sivan Mercer
It is important to note that the effects of tanning beds are temporary, while the damages they cause can accumulate over the long term. It is crucial to be aware that there are currently various alternatives available, such as the use of makeup and cosmetics, to achieve a tanned appearance without compromising one's health.
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