Fauda star Idan Amedi released from ICU

Amedi who suffered severe injuries from shrapnel in the Gaza Strip, has been released from the intensive care unit at Sheba Medical Center and transferred to the trauma department

Just days after sustaining severe injuries in the Gaza Strip, singer and actor Idan Amedi has been released from intensive care at Sheba Medical Center and transferred to the trauma department, as reported on Friday.
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The Fauda star, who serves in the IDF Combat Engineering Corps was seriously injured on Monday during a military operation. He was rushed to the hospital with injuries covering various parts of his body, while unconscious and intubated. Subsequently, it was reported that the surgery was successful, and Amedi opened his eyes for the first time.
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עידן עמדי והרמטכ"ל
עידן עמדי והרמטכ"ל
Idan Amedi
Earlier this week, during the visit of Minister Hili Tropper, Amedi conveyed a message to the Israeli public: "I will be okay; what's important is that we stay strong together."
The news of Amedi's injury also attracted international attention, prompting colleagues in the music and entertainment industry to request prayers for his recovery.
Throughout the months of fighting, a series of clips from the Gaza Strip featuring Amedi were made public. One video released last month, captured from multiple angles, showed the demolition of a school in the Shijaiyah neighborhood of Gaza.
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