At the age of 84, under Hamas captivity, with no medication, endured harsh conditions

Netta Heiman describes the appalling condition in which her mother was held, says urgent to bring rest of hostages home; 'She told us difficult things she went through'

Adam Kutub, Eitan Glikman|Updated:
Netta Heiman, the daughter of Ditza Heiman, an 84-year-old woman from Kibbutz Nir Oz who was recently freed from Hamas captivity in Gaza, shared details about the challenging conditions her mother endured. "She was abducted and deprived of her medication, enduring extremely harsh and difficult circumstances," her daughter revealed. "Our reunion was emotional. It's crucial that everyone is brought back as quickly as possible."
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Netta further explained, "Like any 84-year-old woman, she has a specific regimen of medications. She didn't receive any of these for 53 days, despite the fact that her medication list was already with the Red Cross by Monday morning. There were no visits from the Red Cross, and she didn't receive any medication."
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דיצה הימן
דיצה הימן
Ditza Heiman
"Seeing her return was a great emotion, there is no one happier than me today," Netta added. "She told us difficult things she went through but we don't want to say something that would hurt her or anyone else who is still there. She will tell her story when she wants."
Alongside the joy of her mother's return, Netta says she is concerned about "everyone who was left behind."
"Just from Kibbutz Nir Oz, 43 people were left there, some of them elderly women and men. No one should be in these conditions. After we met mother and heard that she did not receive medication all these days and lived in poor sanitary conditions, we understand how urgent it is to get them out now at any cost in the world," she said.
"We worry about everyone and want everyone at home. The sense of abandonment was hard and everything must be done to atone for it and bring back those who we can at the moment. Everyone, those who can be immediately and everyone. No one should be in these conditions, everything should be done so that it ends as soon as possible, regardless of the price."
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 נטע היימן
 נטע היימן
Netta Heiman, the daughter
(Photo: Shaul Golan)
Tamar Metzger was also released last night, along with Ditza.
"We don't know much. I was reunited with Tamar, and we were overjoyed," said her daughter-in-law, Ayala. She was thrilled to see everyone. She wanted to see and embrace everyone at the same time. There were plenty of tears and excitement, coupled with a lot of humor. She remained resilient throughout."
Ayala acknowledged the apprehension and fear associated with discussing certain aspects of the experience. "Being held captive is undeniably difficult; one must consider the broader context. She endured a challenging abduction." However, she says that Tamar is now "doing fine." Ayala emphasized that "all hostages should be returned home. I personally know most of them. I understand the complexity of the situation, but they need to be brought back home."
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תמר מצגר ועדה שגיא
תמר מצגר ועדה שגיא
Tamar Metzger released
Noralin (Natalie) Ajojo, 60, from Yahud, who was abducted from Kibbutz Nirim whose husband was killed on October 7, was also released from Hamas captivity Tuesday night. Her brother, Aksu, said, "My sister returned yesterday. She's pale and weak, and she doesn't know much about what transpired in Nirim. We will wait for her health to improve in the coming days to better understand what she endured."
On Wednesday morning, her brother said: "It's incredibly moving to have her back. The doctors embraced her and conducted medical tests. I gather that it will take some time for her to undergo all the necessary tests following her prolonged captivity. We will all try to support her during this process."
Doctors who examined the hostages released from Hamas captivity on Tuesday have determined that, while not ideal by any stretch, the hostages require no immediate medical intervention and should be discharged very soon.
First published: 22:12, 11.29.23
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