What love is: Brave youth throws himself on grenade to save girlfriend

At 17, Netta Epstein was a leader in the "Let us grow in peace" demonstration, representing the youth of border communities, who were victims of rocket attacks and lived in a perpetual state of insecurity; Last Saturday, as terrorists invaded his and his partner's home, he shielded her with his body from a grenade, and was killed
Matan Zuri|
The young people from the kibbutzim near the Gaza Strip have spent their lives amid the constant threats of “red light” alerts, rocket attacks, and military actions. In an unprecedented youth-led demonstration in Israel, thousands of young people from communities around Gaza marched to the Knesset in 2018, demanding enhanced security measures for the local residents.
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Netta Epstein, a 17-year-old from Kfar Aza and a student at the regional High School, was one of the leaders of that march to Jerusalem. "We felt an outpouring of support from youth across the country," he told Ynet's sister publication Yedioth Ahronoth, who was reporting on the march. "It demonstrates the unity and solidarity among us young people, and reassures us that we can rely on each other."
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From their demonstration in 2018
Sadly, last Saturday Netta was murdered in the heinous Hamas attacks. Terrorists infiltrated the apartment he shared with his girlfriend, Eran Shavit, in the small farming community. "We were in contact from the moment the incident began," his mother, Ayelet Epstein, stated. "The terrorists made their way into the neighborhood and hurled a grenade into the room where Netta and Eran were."
"He instantly jumped up and threw himself on top of the grenade, shielding his loved one with his own body. They had already begun discussing a future together, including marriage.Eran is now here with us, we share our grief and comfort each other in our mutual embrace. Netta is a true hero."
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Netta Epstein
"They only asked for an opportunity to grow up in a peaceful environment," Zohar Shefek, who joined the youth march from the south to Jerusalem five years ago, said "The kind of peace they yearned for was not one where they would remain forever young, but rather one where they could mature and thrive." Addressing his lost friend he said: "Netta, we apologize for placing our trust in the belief that there were those who would protect us and ensure that the contract your parents made with the state would be honored. We deeply regret our failure," he said.
"We will not forgive and we will not forget. Revenge is only a small part of the healing of those who remain. It is only a tenth of the restoration process. removing the liars and bringing them to justice is a monument to your memory, for our hope for forgiveness from you and all the hundreds of new angels."
Over 100 residents of the community were murdered or are missing.
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