Groom-to-warrior: Israeli couple marries on army base after groom mobilized

Rather than delaying their wedding for fear of Hamas rockets, the young couple chose to hold their ceremony inside a military base; While celebrating, the groom was dispatched to the northern front while everyone else sought shelter from another bombardment

Ran Boker|
Nadav, 33, from Rishon Lezion, was scheduled to tie the knot with his partner of four years, Noam, in a ceremony on Wednesday. However, due to his unexpected reserve duty call-up amid the ongoing war, plans had to change.
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Demonstrating flexibility and a wish to boost his fellow soldiers' morale, Nadav arranged for the wedding to be held on a military base. Popular singer Hanan Ben Ari made a voluntary appearance to uplift the spirits.
The soldier's father, Avner, shared his son's words with Ynet. "Dad, I'm aware that our wedding was canceled, but I'm committed to boosting my friends' morale,' he said. 'The mood here at the base is quite downcast, and I'm determined to have the wedding ceremony right here.' He was quite adamant.
"The response was outstanding. A volunteer caterer, a DJ offering their services free of charge and even the renowned singer Hanan Ben Ari arrived to contribute joy to the occasion. It was an incredibly moving event, with soldiers singing, jumping and dancing. However, as people were rejoicing, Nadav was called up for deployment up north. He left, but the remaining soldiers continued their dancing."
The happy groom, Noam, told Ynet, "I'm delighted we pulled off such a wedding. It made me very happy. Dancing and rejoicing with all of the soldiers was wonderful."
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חנן בן ארי בחתונה בבסיס צבאי
חנן בן ארי בחתונה בבסיס צבאי
The happy couple, just before the groom had to leave
The couple was escorted onto the chuppah by Ben Ari, who arrived on the military base with his band. Together with the crowd, they sang the Israeli classic Yesh Bi Ahava Vehi Tenatzeach (I have love within me and it will prevail).
Ben Ari continued to entertain the soldiers even after the ceremony until the celebration was interrupted by rocket sirens, forcing everyone to seek shelter. Once the sirens stopped, the soldiers resumed their dancing, even though the groom had already been deployed on the northern front to protect his country.
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