'I feel he's alive': Mother of missing Israeli teen holds onto hope

Moishi Kleinerman, 17, told his parents in March 2022 that he had gone to Meron, and since then there has been no trace of him, despite massive searches by police and civilians; His mother is sure that he is alive and told Ynet:,'We are in constant contact with the police, trying to find a clue that will point to what happened'

Moishi Kleinerman, 17, has been missing for a year and four months, 479 days to be exact. On March 25, 2022, he told his parents that he had gone to Meron, and the next day he was seen for the last time on security cameras there. Many citizens mobilized to help search for him, but he has not yet been located. Still, Moishi's mother has not lost hope.
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"We are updated on everything and are in constant contact with the police. We are constantly trying new directions, and to find from every angle some kind of clue that will point to what happened there," Giti Kleinerman told Ynet on Monday.
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יום חיפושים נרחב בהר מירון אחר מוישי קליינרמן
יום חיפושים נרחב בהר מירון אחר מוישי קליינרמן
An extensive day of searching in Mount Meron for Moishi Kleinerman
(Photos: Israel Police, Avihu Shapira)
"This is the most ridiculous story that can happen in our country. Unfortunately, we have no news to say where he is and what is happening with him, we have no exact direction," she added.
"I hope that the police will be able to solve the case. As his mother, I want him home and I don't care how. The police have a lot of abilities, means and resources, I just expect them to be serious and responsible, and want to see that they really work and try to find him and they don't just say they do," she said.
Kleinerman said that the family spoke this week with senior police officials, calling them "attentive." The police, she said, "are making a lot of efforts. As a mother, I feel he's alive and is somewhere, and someone needs to make sure that we understand where."
"The most painful thing that can happen is that the person most dear to you disappears and is treated like an object, God forbid. I feel he's alive. One day the mystery will be solved," she asserted.
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גיטי קליינרמן והחליפה לבר המצווה של בנה מוישי
גיטי קליינרמן והחליפה לבר המצווה של בנה מוישי
Giti Kleinerman shows her son Moishi's bar mitzvah suit
(Photo: Tal Shachar)
Moishi, 17, from Modi'in Illit, went in March 2022 to spend a Shabbat at Mount Meron, the gravesite of Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. He told his friends that he was going to isolate himself - and he has not been heard from since.
As part of the efforts to locate him, the police established a special team that included hundreds of police officers and volunteers who have been searching for him for many months. Suspects have even been arrested in the case, but they were released.
Last year, Israel Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai said "We will not let up until we understand what happened to Moishi."
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