The narcissist male and his mate are actually similar

While one has an overly increased sense of self, the other is subjugated by adoration of the other, creating an unhealthy bond of dependency that would lead to eventual resentment, need for vengeance and even hate
Roi Tzur|
One might describe a romantic relationship as our soul's unconscious creation, where each side completes the other and benefits from him or her. It's an agreement to experience or ignore things each partner is seeking or avoiding.
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  • In contrast, a narcissistic relationship is stereotypically seen as one made up of a weak woman, suffering from low self-confidence, although she is often talented and successful in her own right. She would not recognize her attributes and may not believe she is worthy of love. Her narcissist mate may be successful in his field but would have visable narcissist characteristics.
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    זוג מאוהב
    זוג מאוהב
    There is such a thing as being overly in love
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    Such relationships are powerful at first because they feel complete, and are structured on adoration. The narcissist feels valued by his mate's love. while she is uplifted by being chosen by him. In time, the pair become one unit fulfilling each other's needs.
    Surprisingly there are many similarities between the characteristics of both partners, who may at first glance appear to be opposites. The weaker of the two does not desire attention, adjusts herself to her partner, and allows him to take center stage, without expressing her own needs openly.
    But a closer look would reveal that she is not so selfless, humble, and void of narcissistic attributes, in fact, she has many narcissistic vulnerabilities but tries to mask them in a manner that would suit perfectly with her narcissistic partner.
    While the narcissist is basically selfish and expects to be the center of attention, his partner would appear altruistic but in fact seeks to receive the same emotional riches she has lavished, or benefit from her partner's success.
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    תמונת בני זוג
    תמונת בני זוג
    A relationship without intimacy won't last
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    But eventually, the symbiotic relationship will hit a wall. The narcissist will feel trapped by his partner's high expectations of him and manipulated by her.
    His partner, who seeks to be the center of his life will remain unfulfilled and the idyllic dynamic that existed would be fractured by the narcissist's need to humiliate or ignore her and push her away, thus reawakening her initial lack of self-confidence and make her even needier.
    The challenges posed by such relationships highlight a valid question relevant to all couples, how long can close intimacy last before one or the other, feels stifled, trapped, or disappointed?
    When partners put their loved one on a pedestal they will find it difficult to maintain their relationship in the long run, and when friction sets in, feelings of disappointment, vengeance, and hate may follow.
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