Police arrest 2 suspects with stolen 450-year-old Torah scroll pages

During a raid of a house in a Druze village of Yarka, officers also uncovered M-16 rifle parts, ammunition and cannabis, while the manuscript was handed over to Antiquities Authority for further research and safekeeping

The Israeli police arrested two suspects on Monday who were found to be in possession of 450-year-old Torah scrolls in their home in a Druze village in northern Israel.
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  • Drugs and ammunition were also seized at the house in Yarka.
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    Torah scrolls
    Torah scrolls
    The Torah scrolls seized during the police raid in Yarka
    (Photo: TPS)
    As part of a police operation to expose drugs and weapons, the forces carried out a search of the house. During a search of one of the bedrooms, the police found ancient pages of a Torah scroll.
    Inspectors from the Israel Antiquities Authority were called to the scene and it is estimated that the pages of the Torah scroll are about 450 years old.
    In addition, cannabis was seized at the house, divided into bags weighing about 200 grams, as well as a handle for an M-16 assault rifle and ammunition.
    The two suspects, residents of Yarka in their 20s and 50s, were taken for questioning.
    The Antiquities Authority will further investigate the discovery of the Torah scroll pages.
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