El Al probed for price hikes amid war

National carrier controls 80% of market after airlines suspend flights to Israel after October 7; company claims prices fair and befitting circumstances

Israel's Competition Authority launched an investigation in to concerns that El Al, took advantage of the war to hike ticket prices, as airlines suspended their flights to and from Ben Gurion Airport.
The Authority was responding to complaints that the national carrier raised its prices excessively, while it remained the only airline operating flights from Israel to coveted locations such as the U.S.
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מטוסי אל על בנתב"ג, ארכיון
מטוסי אל על בנתב"ג, ארכיון
El Al planes at Ben Gurion Airport
(Photo: Ronen Zvulun/ Reuters)
The Authority was probing the legality of El Al's conduct and whether it could be declared a monopoly during the first months of the war when it was the sole carrier in operation for 80% of the market. It now controls 60% and ticket prices remain high. A return flight to Vienna for example is sold for $900 not including luggage, while its cost before the war was $500. Flights to the U.S. during the Passover holiday are currently sold upward of $2,930 for a return flight.
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בואינג 787 של אל על
בואינג 787 של אל על
El Al flight takes off at Ben Gurion Airport
(Photo: Moti Kaplan)
The Competition Authority confirmed that a probe was underway but would not comment further.
El Al said it was confident the investigation would prove it had operated fairly. "Since the outbreak of the war El Al has been in constant dialogue with the authority over prices. We conduct a price policy that is in suited to events and circumstances."

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