Israel to require tourist application, fee for visitors

Starting June 1, Israel requires tourists from US and Germany to fill out electronic application and pay a fee before landing here; Israel will expand the reform to other countries in July to 'improve security, prevent discomfort for tourists'

Hadar Gil-Ad|
The Population and Immigration Authority will launch the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system on June 1 for American and German tourists. During the pilot phase of about one year, submitting an application will be voluntary and exempt from fees. The system will open to other nationalities on July 1. After a trial period, the application process will cost 25 shekels.
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ביקורת הדרכונים בכניסה לישראל
ביקורת הדרכונים בכניסה לישראל
Israeli passport control
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The system is designed to process tourist applications for incoming flights. "The process will assist authorities in obtaining information about the tourist even before boarding the plane, and if there is an issue with the tourist's application they will be referred to the Israeli representative in their country of residence," according to the Population and Immigration Authority. "This initiative will improve security, immigration control and service. It will prevent discomfort for tourists who land at the border and are denied entry."
Currently, the ETA system exists in countries like the U.S., Canada and Australia, and is expected to expand to other countries, including the European Union. "At first, the ETA will be tested with the U.S. and Germany, from which lessons will be learned, and if necessary, adjustments to the system will be made," according to the authority. "Additionally, a dedicated service center has been established for this issue, and tourists can turn to it if they are encountering difficulties or seeking information."
Eyal Siso, director general of the Population and Immigration Authority, said that "the implementation of the ETA-IL system places Israel at the digital forefront with countries like the U.S., Australia and Canada. The aim of the process is to prevent discomfort for tourists arriving in Israel when there might be a reason that would prevent their entry into the country. Furthermore, the system will assist in strengthening Israel's national security."
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מטוסי אל על בנתב"ג, ארכיון
מטוסי אל על בנתב"ג, ארכיון
Israel changes up tourism regulations
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You can access the Population and Immigration Authority website to find all the information about the process. For the Hebrew page click here. For the English page click here.
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