Only 12 countries send representatives to Tel Aviv Tourism Exhibition

Some 25 countries who participated in IMTM last year won't be arriving amid war; Tourism Ministry says the event will focus on tourism in Israel 'after the fighting'

Iris Lifshitz Klieger|
Only 12 foreign representatives will take part in the annual International Mediterranean Tourism Market (IMTM) that will take place at the Expo Tel Aviv on Wednesday and Thursday.
The countries participating in the event are France, Czech Republic, Cyprus, El Salvador, Taiwan, India, Greece, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Romania, and Ethiopia.
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כנס התיירות IMTM 2019
כנס התיירות IMTM 2019
International Mediterranean Tourism Market
(Photo: Asaf Kuzin)
Due to the ongoing war in Gaza, 25 countries that participated in last year's event will be absent. Tourism Minister Haim Katz will inaugurate the event under the theme of "Preparing for post-war tourism in Israel." The ministry noted the importance of preserving Israel's tourism sector, especially focusing on domestic tourism during wartime and preparing for the return of tourists after the fighting concludes.
The Tourism Ministry announced that 15 media personalities from around the world, including the U.S., Canada, Germany, India, France, the Philippines, Italy, Spain, and Sweden, will be hosted to promote Israeli tourism to their millions of followers. They will visit IMTM and then embark on a tour of Israel, covering Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Masada, and a wine tour in the Galilee.
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תערוכת התיירות IMTM, ארכיון
תערוכת התיירות IMTM, ארכיון
IMTM pavilions
(Photo: Nir Shmuel)
The Ministry's pavilion at the exhibition will showcase Israeli tourism, including the Negev and Galilee regions from various historical and religious perspectives. Additionally, as part of the Israeli exhibit, the pavilion will host the Old Akko & Nazareth Development Company, presenting the city's tourism offerings and new attractions, including the reconstructed port.
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