Ben Gurion Airport's Terminal 1 to reopen ahead of schedule

After shutting down due to the war, Terminal 1 will reopen for domestic flights in one week, shortly followed by international flights, but which airlines are set to use it?

Ben-Gurion Airport's Terminal 1 is gearing up for a grand reopening, with domestic flights resuming on May 27 and international flights on June 2, the Israel Airports Authority announced on Monday. This comes after a seven-month hiatus prompted by the war and a significant drop in passenger traffic. The initial plan was to reopen on June 1, but officials decided to expedite the process.
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טרמינל 1, נתב"ג
טרמינל 1, נתב"ג
Terminal 1
(Photo: / Roman Yanushevsky)
According to the Israel Airports Authority, all preparations for Terminal 1's reopening are complete, promising full operations and comprehensive services for passengers.
Airlines set to operate from Terminal 1 include major players like El Al, Arkia, Israir, Wizz Air, Ryanair, Transavia France and Georgian Airways. Passengers are advised to double-check which terminal their flight will depart from, as some airlines will operate from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. The inaugural flight, an Arkia service to Eilat, will take off on Monday, May 27, at 6:30 a.m.
As part of the reopening, a dedicated service for passengers with special needs will be available at Gate 4. Additionally, a complimentary shuttle service will facilitate movement between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, especially for those arriving by train. The adjacent parking lot also will be reopened.
A regulated taxi service will start at Gate 7, and a shuttle service for Eilat residents to central Tel Aviv will operate from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Sunday through Thursday. On Fridays, the service will run from the first landing until the Sabbath begins, and on Saturdays, from the end of the Sabbath until the last landing.
Regarding arrival times, Ben-Gurion Airport recommends that passengers flying to Eilat register in advance for the ALPHA system to expedite security checks. Travelers to Eilat should arrive at the terminal two hours before their flight, while international travelers should arrive three hours before departure. The Israel Airports Authority also advises passengers to complete the check-in process online, print boarding passes, and ensure no prohibited items are in carry-on luggage.
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עומסים עם פתיחת טרמינל 1
עומסים עם פתיחת טרמינל 1
Inside Terminal 1
(Photo: Roy Rubinstein)
In June, approximately 1.4 million passengers are expected to pass through Ben-Gurion Airport on international flights. Terminal 1 is projected to handle about 1,200 flights in the coming months, with around 200,000 passengers each month. Peak days in July and August could see 6,500-7,000 passengers passing through the terminal.
Transport and Road Safety Minister Miri Regev highlighted the significance of Terminal 1's reopening. "The reopening of Terminal 1 will serve Israeli and international airlines as it did in the past, and will help expand the scope of flights to and from Israel and the range of destinations offered to the public," she said.
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