'Airing Israel's dirty laundry in public is really tough for me'

Judy in the Big City - Episode 9: After parting ways with her friends in London, Judy returns to NYC, diving straight into protests against Israel's judicial reform; She admits she's relieved to not be in Israel but ponders, 'Will I regret not fighting for democracy?' Watch!

Judy in the Big City - episode 9

After spending time with her children in France and then in London, where she stayed with a couple of friends, in episode 9 of Judy in the Big City, the media personality returns home to Manhattan, directly to protests against the Israeli government’s judicial overhaul.
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"Every Sunday, there are protests here… I've started to think that all my life, I've always opposed those who aired Israel's dirty laundry in public. I'm very much in favor of the protests back home. I support criticizing the country and the government. But airing our dirty laundry in public, personally, it's really tough for me,” she says.
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Fighting for Israeli democracy... in New York City
Fighting for Israeli democracy... in New York City
Fighting for Israeli democracy... in New York City
Once again, Judy Mozes had a surprise guest from Israel. This time it was her friend Moran Zur, the woman who started the maids’ initiative based on the dystopian novel The Handmaid's Tale
It's this truly incredible project that many women have joined,” she says, “I'll try to help. This organization is so crucial.”
But after the meeting, the media personality returns home with a heart filled with concern. “It was deeply saddening. People are despondent, sad, frustrated. They say there's an atmosphere of hatred back home. I see it when I log onto Ynet,” she says.
But... as hard as it is to admit, somewhere, I felt glad I'm not in Israel, not experiencing it firsthand, that it isn't seeping too deeply into my soul. I know I would've been emotionally overwhelmed if I was in Israel.”
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הפגנה בניו יורק
הפגנה בניו יורק
Anti-judicial reform rally in New York City
While she's relieved not to be in Israel, her guilty conscience was working extra hours and the thought that she's not fighting for democracy back home saddens her.
“I might regret not fighting for democracy, not attending protests, not taking to the streets, not blocking Ayalon, not championing more fiercely for democracy in the sole Jewish nation for the people of Israel.” Watch the full episode!
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