'I want to kill all Israelis': Kashmir guesthouse employee threatens Israeli guest

Israeli who stayed as a guest in Kahsmir's Houseboat hostel last year recounts how employee threatened him via WhatsApp

A Muslim Indian employee at the Houseboat hostel on Dal Lake in Srinagar in Kashmir, India, threatened Israelis, saying he would "kill" them if they arrived in the country.
The employee, a person named Meher Maharaj, corresponded with an Israeli tourist who stayed at the hostel in August 2023 and said his dream was to kill all Israelis. The Israeli, shocked by the threatening language, replied, "That's too bad."
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הודו מקשמיר מאיים כי יהרוג את כל הישראלים
הודו מקשמיר מאיים כי יהרוג את כל הישראלים
Correspondence between the worker and the Israeli tourist
The employee, who sent an emoji of crossed swords in the chat, wrote in broken English: "I know. I’m very bad person [sic]. I want kill all israils people this Is my dream [sic].”
“Just like you people oppressed the people of Gaza, remember, if I get a chance, I will start oppressing Israel. I wish my Allah listens me [sic] and I get a chance. I will destroy the whole of Israel,” he added.
Meron Karlik, who heads a Facebook group sharing tips to Israeli trackers in India, sent the information on the incident to the Israeli Embassy in Delhi and requested they file a complaint with the Indian authorities. The Israeli tourist who received the threats recounted the employee approached him after he stayed at the hostel last August, and they haven't spoken since.
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חבל קמשיר, הודו. מקום יפה, אך מסוכן לישראלים
חבל קמשיר, הודו. מקום יפה, אך מסוכן לישראלים
Kashmir, India
(Photo: Tappasan Phurisamrit / Shutterstock)
On April 2, Karlik posted a warning on his Facebook page telling Israelis to avoid arriving in Kashmir. "About a month ago, an Israeli tourist arrived in Kashmir and identified himself as Italian and not Israeli," the post read.
"In my personal opinion, coming to Kashmir at this time, when we’re in a war, poses a serious risk, especially given the fact that the Kashmiris are Muslims who aren’t fond of Israel. Several clashes occurred where Kashmiri locals clashed with Israeli tourists in the past," Karlik added.
Karlik told Ynet that no Israelis planned on traveling to the Kashmir region this season, as they mostly arrive there between June and September.
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