Watch TAP Air Portugal plane almost nose dive in landing

Cameraman notices plane coming in for a landing in strong crosswinds, notices its nose is dangerously low even as front wheels touch down on tarmac


A Tap Air Portugal Plane coming in for a landing at the Cristiano Ronaldo airport in madeira came into strong crosswinds as it approached for a landing.
The A321neo Airbus that was not carrying any passengers, can be seen swinging from side to side as it struggled against the wind.
A local photographer who has his own YouTube account called Madeira Airport Spotting filmed the plane as it descended toward the runway and noticed it's nose pointing dangerously low. Moments later the wheels touched down while the nose was still pointing to the ground.
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רגע לפני הנחיתה - עם האף לכיוון המסלול
רגע לפני הנחיתה - עם האף לכיוון המסלול
Plane lands with nose facing the ground in crosswinds
(youtube / Madeira Airport Spotting)
It was not a smooth landing and after the front wheels, it was time for the left wheels to meet the runway. The plane then slid for a few meters on the left and front wheels before being able to straighten up and place all wheels safely on the ground.
A similar incident was recorded in London last month when a plane encountered the same forceful cross winds.
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