Litzman to be indicted for interfering in case of alleged child abuser

Former health minister set to be hit with charges of bearing false witness, fraud and breach of trust in Malka Leifer affair for allegedly trying to influence psychiatrists tasked with assessing her mental fitness

Tova Zimuky|
Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit intends to indict United Torah Judaism co-leader and Construction Minister Yaakov Litzman, Ynet has learned Thursday night.
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  • Litzman is suspected of unlawfully interfering in the case of Malka Leifer — an ultra-Orthodox school teacher who was accused of sexually assaulting several of her former underaged students in Australia. Leifer was eventually extradited to Australia by Israel in January 2021 after a years-long legal battle.
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    יעקב ליצמן ומלכה לייפר
    יעקב ליצמן ומלכה לייפר
    Construction Minister Yakkov Litzman and Malka Leifer
    (Photo: Amit Shabi. Yaron Brenner)
    Law enforcement suspect that during Litzman's tenure as health minister, he tried to influence psychiatrists to rule Leifer was mentally unfit to stand trial.
    Police claim that Litzman contacted three senior psychiatrists who were tasked with assessing Leifer's mental fitness multiple times and conveyed to them the desired diagnosis and promised lucrative promotions in return.
    At his investigation with police, Litzman denied knowing Leifer.
    The ultra-Orthodox lawmaker is also suspected of trying to influence Health Ministry officials to prevent the closure of a restaurant whose poor sanitation conditions led several customers to fall ill.
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    מסעדת גולדיס בירושלים אותה יעקב ליצמן ניסה למנוע את סגירתה
    מסעדת גולדיס בירושלים אותה יעקב ליצמן ניסה למנוע את סגירתה
    Goldy's restaurant in Jerusalm whose closure Litzman tried to prevent
    (Photo: Eli Mandelbaum)
    Health Ministry officials found traces of salmonella and listeria in the food following reports a pregnant woman miscarried after eating at the place. In addition, officials managed to link three hospitalizations to bacteria detected at the establishment.
    The business in question is located one block away from Litzman's Jerusalem home and even has products named after the UTJ co-leader.
    The ministry's food department issued a closure warrant for the place in 2015 but Litzman asked to freeze the order and paid a visit to the restaurant alongside ministry officials. A police investigation revealed that during the visit, Litzman told officials of several ways to avoid closing the business, admitting to them he was a frequent customer of the place.
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    יעקב ליצמן בכניסה לביתו
    יעקב ליצמן בכניסה לביתו
    Litzman returns to his Jerusalem home from police investigation in Leifer case
    (Photo: Amit Shabi)
    After telling him the establishment posed a threat to public health, Litzman offered the officials better employment conditions. The officials declined his offer.
    Litzman is set to be hit with charges of bearing false witness, fraud and breach of trust in the Malka Leifer affair and charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in the food establishment case.
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